Bike region Králický Sněžník

is made up of several different trail & enduro parks that connect into one complex full of cycling adventure. Families with children, sports enthusiasts and professional racers will all find their place here.

Bike area Červená Voda

offers Mini Bikepark Bukovka with several trails of different difficulty levels, a large pumptrack and pleasant facilities. You can be taken to the start of all trails by a towing lift. In the summer season, we take cyclists by cable car with special safe attachment to the bikes. The safe Green Flow Trail is especially for the smallest bikers and beginners, while for advanced bikers there is the Climb Trail, the Blue Flow Trail with a higher gradient and speed, the adrenaline-filled Red Air Line and the 120m long Pumptrack.

Test the Red Water on your own bike and let us know how you enjoyed it!

Mountain resort Buková hora - We are here for you all year round
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